downloaded linux mint

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Well I had little success with Debian Squeeze on the desktop.. it lacked the refinement I have been used to .. it was totally free though... No Propietary software of any kind to the point of dumping Firefox for Iceweasel and Thunderbird (another mozilla project) for IceDove. Icedove was doable.. but Iceweasel was seriously lacking refinement.



I must admit as this was about as far as I delved into Debian on the desktop.  My current interest is Linux Mint, which is based off of Ubuntu which is based off of Debian.  Linux Mint comes complete with mp3 and DVD support standard, legality is shady but it is what you want and what you will find and get if it didn't come with it to make a complete desktop. 


I will step back here and point out I did try and get the packages I needed for Debian.. but the repositories for these packages were wicked slow and it was stating that it was going to take over 4 days to just download the packages I needed to make the system doable and this was totally unacceptable.  this is not the fault of Debian which in it's stable and open source zeal has perfectly provided that. But in my zeal to make a desktop that will do more than Microsoft Windows will do (play/rip/whatever to cd's and play mp3's and handle flash like a champ)


And with that I draw this blog post to a close, I didn't answer many questions but hopefully I created a few in what you want in your linux lifestyle.