Linux Mint Maya Install

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Today I installed Linux Mint Maya onto my 6 core AMD desktop.  So far it's super sweet, I was having weird fragments on the screen in Ubuntu and some kind of networking problem that made it slow as a 386 when surfing.



The way I do clean installations is to normally, if I'm not feeling super brave about losing my data, unplug my main hd with all my data on it, stab in a new or in my case this time a recycled 1.5TB SATA HD from an old build that I had laying about. Plugged the 1.5 into the #1 sata port to insure the boot sector is on that drive (in this case I only had one hd plugged in but it's still important later.) Installed Linux Mint which went flawlessly I might add.  Shut the system down and plugged back in the old HD into the #2 or whatever other SATA port you want. This is the fun part. Reboot back into Linux Mint, and copy .thunderbird (to get all my emails and settings) and .mozilla (to get all my firefox settings and bookmarks set passwords etc) over to my new Linux Mint home directory and it makes the reinstall not that terrible to feel back at home in. One caveat is that you have to trash any existing files in the default .mozilla and .thunderbird directories, which isn't really a problem it just makes it all just work.


But enough with tedious details.  Heres hoping happy computing ahead for some time with my fresh operating system. Please leave me a comment below about your tips and tricks to doing a software reinstall.