Debian 'Squeeze' late night install

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Tonight I'm installing Debian Squeeze onto my main desktop.  I am hoping this isn't going to be too painful of a switch for me.  You see I have been running Ubuntu and it's been great for the most part, everything works but it isn't the most stable platform, I still find myself rebooting from time to time which in 2012 I find totally unacceptable.


So I'm sitting here on my Ubuntu Unity desktopped laptop this early morning writing this blog post. I think it was about 1997 or 99ish the last time I tried to install Debian. and it was a total failure.. so I am going at this with some apprehension this morning.


Some background on Debian is that it is what Ubuntu is built off of. Some people would take this for granted others will go "Huh?" Well you see there are so many "distributions" in Linux open source world.  These are total operating systems with software included, for FREE!  You don't have to be tied down to a 100 dollar an upgrade software world if you don't want to.  But back to the task at hand. Tonight it's trashing my working desktop which has a few annoying quirks and installing Debian.


Debian just turned 19 years old the other day. and it is considered the true open source free distribution.  There is no proprietary soft\ware in the debian stack.. but more on that in a minute and may be the downfall of tonights exercise.


Proprietary software:  Well you ask.. what is that?  In the Linux world this is drivers that aren't licensed with the GPL (GNU Public License) for the most part. It's going to include things like MP3 and DVD/Bluray playback libraries.  So my new Debian Distro Install is not going to "just work" out of the box...


Well as I type this the netinstall has downloaded 951 of 1129 files to build my system then it gets to prepare them, all the while I get to type on this laptop hooray...   So look forward in the next few days to hear about the next parts of getting my system going again to atleast the state it was before I trashed it this evening, yes I said days I'm not totally optimistic that this is going to be a win/win situation, I'm just tired of the things like the desktop loosing it's color pallete and going grey only to have to click on preferences/appearances in Ubuntu to get it to reload my preferred colors etc. I must also state that I've never had much luck on my desktop with 3D effects and the Dash desktop, I always end up with Gnome anyway in some broken state...


And now download of netinstall is done! now it's preparing all them 1129 files, and I saw Open Office go by hooray!  Gimp is installed by default awesome. Things are looking up.  the download portion of the 1129 files took 45 minutes btw on my broadband connection which some would claim to be quite slow. Now my 6 core AMD is crunching away.


System is now installing the Grub Boot Loader, and it asked me if I wanted to include the other 2 operating systems on the other 2 hard drives in the master boot record.. so this may not be as painful as I suspected.


and Voila.. it booted back into Ubuntu heh

I guess I'll know more later, for now my install of ubuntu is still ok on the 2TB drive and if I can figure out Grub I have debian on a 500gb drive. Debian isn't even in the Grub list that came up on boot! More on this later.